Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So Much Potential, Has Trouble Focusing on Tasks

Grant scribes:
Well I was supposed to post drinking games, but I didn't because I'm a pissflap. Instead I have decided to make myself available to all the super fine ladies out there that tune in to our (not mine) stupid (very) website full of vidyas. In a segment we here at damn hot radio station call: "We'll literally sleep with anyone"

Bachelor Number 17: Grant

My Idea of a great first date:

I would take you out for a dinner and tournament at Medieval Times and we would both yell at the serving wench when she refused to give us more than 2 beers. Then we would get pissed and leave and throw the rotisserie chickens they brought us at the Green Knight because he is a dick any way. After fending off security and the court wizard with nothing but our wits, an empty pitcher of ye olde Coca Cola and a handful of banners for the Red Knight (hell yea) we would make our way to the stables and feed the horsies carrots. :3

Turn Ons:

Hunchbacks, 4H members

Turn Offs:

Dudes and Dudes Butts

All this could be yours ladies! (no dudes)

In other news: Chris "Madfrog" Madero gives birth to La Chupacabra's love child?! The scandal! The horror! The kinky jungle sex! We'll tell all, next time we decide to write a blog post!

Also check out the kick ass Jew Xmas (with 80% moar lobster) and other stuff our gigantic and well funded New Media division has churned out.


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