Friday, April 16, 2010

Drinking Game: The Crow

I have made a commitment to keep posting drinking games, sorta like committing to going to 12 step meetings or rehab. Tonight's drinking game is all about The Crow (RIP the 9.4 crows that died to make that movie, cold hearted bastards)

STEP 1: Get a hold of THE CROW (1994)
STEP 2: ???
Drink every time the following words or phrases are said:
- Crow noises (coo coo coo)
- "Fire it up!"
- "Can't rain all the time"
- “What in the shit” (Finish your beer)
- "Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness was.. (its pornography)" (Finish beer)

Drink every time the following are seen:
- Whenever someone dies (take a shot / finish beer)
- Awkwardly incestuous moments between Top Dollar and his "sister"
- A crow/crows
- Someone drinks or references beer (Smokes and road beers, be quick about it)
- Bitches are unaware of Brandon Lee's invulnerability (reaction to it)

End Game:
Show's over after the credits role and Sarah finishes up her monologue. Gratz CAW CAW CAWWWWW. (finish your beer! NOTE: if you have less than 50% of a beer left you must open a new one and finish that)

Sean and David invented this game so they get full credit. Like the Conan drinking game this one is not for the faint of heart. Though it may seem light in the rules department trust me it is all you need. You'll find yourself arguing the point of whether crow presence counts as one shot or one scene, use your own discretion about this similar to the Snakes and Black Suns from Conan (brutal).

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