Saturday, September 24, 2011

Best Cook : Only Sweets Season 2

So you may have noticed that we've posted exactly 2MB of new content flavored data. I feel like we've already made amends and you've forgiven us, much like a girlfriend will forgive you playing Gears of War 3 for 6 hours whilst ignoring the shit outta her. Perhaps you were wondering what we were up to? Well since we can only talk about the stuff we've done after it has been aired, clap your peepers on this eye candy:
Here is intrepid girl adventurer Brandy getting serious face time with Chef Orlando on episode 205. She also had a line ( "Thank you" ) which tbqh is more than I've gotten in all my years of failed acting. She was paid in delicious chef treats and got to hang out at WATERLOO in SAN DIMAS for free.
TK and I both worked for Top Chef Just Desserts 2 as Production Assistants. Or Executive Producers, depending on how good I am at lying to you. When you think about all the insane amounts of dishes, prep work, and other miscellaneous stuff that goes into making a show happen (especially a reality cooking show competition) basically PAs are the delicious gluten that binds all of that stuff together. Like a delicious gluten-full cookie.
Yup, not a big deal. According to a chef's interview, "Culinary Department" put together the entire Wonka Wonderland in the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. Chefs are easily confused and all of that cacao must have gotten to his head because the real heroes here are Art Department and the PA Nation. We built a ziggurat out of Apple Boxes (wooden blocky things, ask your mom about them) and sod and all sorts of silly stuff. Anyway we let all these kids in to eat the candy and the AD team tried to get as much footage as possible while they destroyed the whole room. Some fun facts about Episode 204:

  • After about 5 minutes all the kids were SO over the candy that they all bounced, thus PA Nation stepped in to eat candy and fill up the background
  • Literally 80% of the people in the background of the Wonka Room shots are PAs
  • I drank about 8 cups of the chocolate water fountain. None of which ended up being used on air. I later found out that some kid stepped in the chocolate fountain. FML
  • The tart raspberry fizzy things on the tree were weird
  • The Carrot Cake thingers were rad
  • The doughnuts on PVC pipe tasted bad and the chef that made them should feel bad. Seriously girl, green doughnuts? She didnt even taste them.
  • TK and Tysan get mad facetime because they're better looking than me.

So anyway that's what we were doing back in May. Real talk though you guys should keep watching Top Chef Just Desserts 2 because not only are my and TK's name in the credits of every episode but theres a chance you might just catch a glimpse of us in the background mugging for the camera. Tune in to Bravo every wednesday at like 9! Or 10! or something. I'm not sure when its on since I don't have cable.

BONUS: I wrote and edited this entire blog on Brandy's dumb Mac Book. Yep. I'm hating.


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