Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

I've found that a large amount of work can be cut out by simply stealing content from other people. Of course, I still have to type words so that the videos are framed by all sorts of pretty letters and apostrophes and such, but when you've been on the internets since the days of 26k modems and AOL and such like it can be quite a nuisance to try to find new content to share (steal). So without further wordage, here are two from Juliet (however she doesn't know she submitted them)

We've been making fun of twilight since before it was cool ( This and that and this and i guess that). Mostly because Sean has read all of the books and is therefore some kind of 12 year old (tween?) girl. This video captures all of the wonder of the later films and also 80% of the sexuality. I am going to mark this as legitimately lol inducing.

The commenters cry fake, and i'm inclined to believe them but this is a video of some handsome fella who was minding his own business dangling his balls out of his window whilst enjoying a cigarette when suddenly his loving pooch pearl harbors him and spooks him out the window. Second floor? Twelfth floor? We can only hope. Standing by to see this on tosh.o but none of our shit.

SPECIAL THANKS: Juliet, some kind of female critter.


BONUS: Today is 10-4! Happy radio jargon for copying a message day.

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