Monday, April 30, 2012

Crafty: The Webseries about Great Local Beer

Hello and welcome to HotDamnTV's latest project: Crafty 
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Here at HotDamnTV, we love to drink craft beer constantly because it feels good. Each week we'll take you to a brewpub, microbrewery, or beer festival and learn more about what makes craft beer the greatest thing in the known universe. Millions of Americans are suffering from the plague that is macrobrewed light beer, and our goal with Crafty is to raise awareness about high-quality craft beer.

Previous episodes:
(Season 1)
ep. 101 - Stone Brewing Co.
ep. 102 - Ballast Point Brewing Co.
ep. 103 - Ladyface Ale Companie
ep. 104 - The LAB Brewing Co.
ep. 105 - Mother Earth Brew Co.
ep. 106 - LA Beerfest
(Season 2)
ep. 201 - The Bruery
ep. 202 - Ironfire Brewing Co.
ep. 203 - Homebrewing
ep. 204 - Coronado (pt. 1)
ep. 205 - Coronado (pt. 2)
ep. 206 - Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment
ep. 207 - Hangar 24


We hope you'll join us in spreading the word for this important cause. New episodes will be posted  on, and on our Youtube channel, so be sure to tune in to the internets near you and enjoy it. If not, you're probably drinking malt liquor out of a plastic cup and your face is stupid. Stay tuned! Crafty has new episodes every Friday through Dec 20th.

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