Monday, January 13, 2014



Lyle had clearly just woken up.  He is a hikikomuri living in his mother's basement, he loves his anime his country and his God.  One day he receives a strange message on his googlechat machine.

 Lyle begins to sweat loudly and clicks the link.

Lyle puts on his fedora.

Lyle pauses the newest episode of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic and clicks again!

Lyle's fedora falls off as his desire to know more increases!

Lyle would never be a member of any sight that would have him, unless it is a forum discussing Christ and The Transformers.

Lyle smoothes the creases in his cargo shirts and clicks again.


And that's probably how HER goes. Or something much like it.  Joaquin Phoenix is nowhere near as meta and edgy as James Franco.  Also here is this:


  1. I was browsing the web and came across your blog. I got the same experience as you! Someone named "Bertie Castaldo" added me on gchat and said similar things as in your chat, and sent me the exact same pictures, including that letsplayoncam link. I tried to look up this mysterious person and came across your blog.

  2. Same experience! wondering how they get my gmail

  3. Oh man, I spoke with same girl and now my computer is full of viruses, do you know how to get rid of them? JK, how does people fall for this?

  4. LOL! Same here........... in Argentina.. xD

  5. Same here in usa, but they stopped at the first picture when I asked how they got my email, they didn't respond back at all after that.

  6. exactly same here...
    can someone tell me what will be its after effects?how much security have i compromised...(only saw the pics of the hottie).

    1. You probably just gave away your location (through ip address and whatnot) unless you typed in or replied with any real data you should be safe. More than likely you will get some spam which will get blocked automatically.

      And of course you did not download anything except those pics right? ;D

      Oh and by accepting to chat(if you did accept) they have whatever info you have set up with gmail! It's just like when you add an app or 'like' something through facebook they get your name and any other profile info you have(DOB, location, about section, etc.). If you feel uncomfortable afterwards just block them (and report to gmail if you'd like).

  7. SAME HERE WTF im not even above 18!! in thailand.

  8. Same here in Jordan but they sent into skype

  9. Same here in Jordan but they sent into skype

  10. Same here in Morocco-Tanger and does someone know the girl IN THE pics

  11. Same here in Morocco-Tanger and does someone know the girl IN THE pics

  12. Same here in Latvia by skype joeann.subijano

  13. same here in poland
    skype lorie.hosterman