Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mailbag Day! Also Las Vegas.

TK writes:
Occasionally, people send us mails through the contact us page. Here are two that caught my eye.

msg #1: sent you a message:

My reflections on this: Sometimes Internet Tough Guys eat too much Adderoll and discover caps lock all in the same day. I assume this person, who identified himself only as "compton" thinks that I was actually the reason that Humanity Festival got shut down early (either that, or he hates humanity in general, and he's slowly messaging every website in the world one at a time to let us all know). We get a lot of people like this. They can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that we're a sketch comedy group, and the things in our videos are NOT REALITY. (except for the whole Megan Fox thing. I totally had sex with her.)

msg #2:
"it would be hilarious if their was a skit of someone on drugs and bad stuff kept happening to him, like a guy jumps out with a shotgun and a clown mask and repeatedly says who wants to die!!! and I got a real shotgun you can use!"

My reflections on this: One of the best things about being the Creative Director of a comedy website is that people routinely pitch you the stupidest and most poorly thought out ideas on the planet. "Dude, you guys should like, make a video making fun of Kanye West or something, bro." Shut the fuck up.
Also, why the hell would I want to use A REAL FIREARM in a comedy sketch? That would be silly. In closing, this is what happened to me in Vegas this weekend:

Don't feel bad for me though, because after this I got to kiss a girl named Sara. But first, this happened:

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