Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An attempt to... derive comedy.

A true story, by Grant:

Today in Calculus class (i'll explain later) these two gals who sit in front of me and a bit to the left were talking with the Russian exchange fella who sits right behind them. I had spoken with them before but do not know them by name. Anyway, they were speaking with the Russian bloke about how he had gotten a 100% on the test and they went on to comment about how foreign exchange students are always really smart.

I immediately chimed in to let them know that,
"That is racist,"Several people who heard me laughed, but the gal indicated via red arrow did not appreciate my humor and began to say something very trite about their badgering Boris being some sort of "A and B conversation.." to which I responded,
"Well this is calculus so, what say I derive that and get a 1 on 1 conversation?"

I was very impressed with how quick I thought up a response. So were several of my classmates. This is basically a story about how cool I am.


BONUS: Got this sext message from TK who is currently in Hawaii not surfing big waves:

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