Saturday, January 7, 2012

Drinking Game: Disney's S-Word In The Stone

If I was hard pressed to give you my all time favorite Disney movie from when I was a kid The S-word In The Stone is easily in my top three. So many things about this movie are about as epic as you would think. The one voice actor with the really really deep voice, Merlin constantly getting his beard stuck in some shit, Arthurian legend, saucy sugar boys! Shucks, when my pops would get out the old Betamax tape and offer to show us boys this movie we would cheer harder than the N64 kid on Christmas morning. So now that we're all grow'd up we're gonna drink some beer and watch this flick again.

Step 1: Get a hold of Disney's S-word In The Stone
Step 2: ???

Drink Whenever the following is said or heard:
Magnificent Marvelous Mad Madam Mim (three)
Any derivation of Madam Mim including just Mim (once)
Merlin says "Hang it All" "Dash it all" or "Leave off"
Woah what woah! (twice)

Drink Whenever the Following is seen:
The Wart looks high as hell
Wolf gets fucked over
Characters drink
Characters spill drink, be it tea or wine while toasting etc (twice)
The sugar boy is a git
The Wart is hit on the head
Merlin's Beard is a comedic element, gets caught on something, used as a broom, etc

Throughout the film The Wart is issued demerits by his liege-lord. He has to spend time mucking and/or alternately demucking about in the kitchen for each demerit. Since you are more interested in drinking until you think you're a real squirrel boy you have to drink once for every demerit The Wart gets.

(4) Demerits for hanging about in the woods with a creepy old man
(3) Demerits for being late
(3) Demerits for a fish story
(3) Demerits for mouthing off
(10) Demerits for popping off (serious business)

Finish Your Drink When:
Notice The Wart has no pants on (coloring error near beginning keep those eyes open!)
The Wart pulls the s-word from the stone (both times)

Waterfall whenever Merlin casts a spell. Note: the songs count. Yea. NIGHTMARE MODE.

Final Thoughts:

GRANT: This is some great stuff. I think the pacing is good, and after taking a second look through I did a bit of tweaking and adding double drinks etc. When I'm not drinking while I'm building a game I keep a tally of how many times each incident comes up and that is what I base the bulk of the final game on. There are so many tally marks by "boy" that it ran clear into another column and is crowding the notes about demerits. The film is a timeless classic, and to this day my brother and I still shout that one or the other is Pelenor (dash it all {from London}) and decry our news to be very big.

BRANDY "B-TANS" TANNAHILL: No more trying drinking games with wine. It's just a bad idea. HUURRKKKK... This all started out with me just drinking on "Wart" and "Boy", but real talk, there's lots of boys in this movie (sexykinda). About halfway through it got as intense as a double rainbow. In the unlikely event that you don't have the time to dedicate to watching this cinematic masterpiece all the way through you should queue it up to when birdie Wart meets the evil she-wizard - then do shots every time you hear "mad, madam, or Mimm". It's like playing Monopoly Jr... it takes less time and gets you just as trashed.

Bonus: When I went to Disneyland as a wee lad I was coerced by a strange fellow dressed as a wizard to try to pull the sword from the stone. I did it (like a boss) and was rewarded with a photograph and a certificate and suchlike. My parents probably still have this. King of England, bitches.


P.S. BONUS: Here is B-Tans trying to pull the sword from the stone, but she can't cuz she's a girl and only boys get to be the King of ALL England. God wills it.

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