Monday, July 22, 2013

Drinking Game : Live! (Starring Bob Levy)

I have lots of friends who were in movies, but none I respect more than Bob.  Bob is not only one of the most talented directors in the game but he also has more heart than a bag of sweethearts valentines day candy.  When he told me that he was in a movie where he played a director I immediately had to run out and get it (and by run I mean of course use the internet to buy it at a high price.).  The movie is actually pretty good (no Gymkata or Miami Connection, but what is?) and I especially enjoyed Bob's acting.  Imagine Arnold's Running Man on even more steroids and with more bullets and you pretty much have Live! starring Eva Mendes Bob Levy!  So sit back and enjoy the life imitating art imitating life!

Step 1: Get a hold of "Live!"
Step 2: ???

Drink Whenever the following is said or heard:
Bob (aka The Director) calls the line cut (i.e. Camera 1! Ready Camera 7! etc.) (drink twice if you actually see him doing the directing)
Russian Roulette
Ratings (including a number and the audience share)
Drink Whenever the Following is seen:
Someone pulls a trigger
Someone breaks the 4th wall (usually looking at the camera, but sometimes talking to the flimsy director of the fake documentary that frames up the film)
Unnecessary star filter on the revolver
WATERFALL: When Bob does his opening speech!
Characters in the film drink anything
Nudity (one or more nipples attached to a female lady)
Boom in shot

Finish Your Drink When:
WTF 50 Cent?
SPOILER: The Bro from Santa Cruz Shots himself
SPOILER: Katie Gets Shot

Fund our kickstarter to get Bob to do director commentary!  (Just kidding. Or are we?..)

Final Thoughts:
GRANT: I've got a really great feeling about this, now all we have to do is test it.  From my notes we have a lot of LIVE and a lot of Bob calling the line cut so I think this should go really well.  Wanna see me suffer through a movie like Howard the Duck or Gigli just to try to build a drinking game?  Feel free to suggest a new movie for us to do up in the comments here or on our dumb Facebook page!  Thanks for lookin' at the first new drinking game in like 2 years!  Stay more or less satiated my friends.

TYSAN: Grant, I love Bob and he is the only thing that enabled me to sit through this movie, but we both know that I was missing a beer. So heaven forbid I would have to endure this again and not just fast foward to 11 time emmy award winning Bob Levy's brave and Oscar worthy performance, I think some serious drinking describe in such text above is required. hashtag drinkingrequired.


BONUS:  That up there is Tysan's first ever blog post! Holy crow.  Also, one of Bob's favorite beers is Chili Beer, go get you some!

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