Monday, August 31, 2009

I asked Megan Fox to make a sex tape with me LOL

TK writes:

“A guy gets halfway through asking Megan Fox a question about sex tapes before getting kicked out.”

- Katey Rich,

“In customary Hall H fashion, things quickly got sleazy and weird, with various men proceeding to propisition Fox. One guy with a shoulder-mounted camera asks Fox to star in a sex tape with him…”

- Nick de Semlyen,

“An audience member asks Fox if she’d be interested in a celebrity sex tape, and the audience boos him down. Brolin says, “I’d love to see what that guy looks like in 30 minutes.”

- Michael Buckner,

“Some moron asked Megan Fox if she’d be interested in helping him kick-off his film career by filming a sex tape. He was pulled away immediately.”

- Vic Holtreman,

Yeah that was me. (finally we’re getting some press) :D

List of Celebrities who pretend-hate us:

Aaron Ryder, John Landis, Edgar Wright, Russell Carpenter, Dewaldt Hicks, Mega64, and derrickcomedy.

List of Celebrities who actually hate us:

Megan Fox, Josh Brolin, and Ben Savage.

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  1. they were only pretending during that scene, so it shouldn't be a big deal