Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Drinking Games: The Spirit

In the interest of cirrhosis, we've decided to post a new drinking game every week starting now. This week: A drinking game based on Bill Eisner's "The Spirit" movie.

Drink once every time:
- The Spirit philanders a broad
- The Spirit talks about "the city"
- Someone gets shot
- You hear a kitten cat meowing
- A retard gets really fucked up / killed (Ethos / Pathos / etc)
- The Spirit Jumps over/off something or does unnecessary parkour
- Sam Jackson talks about eggs or his dislike of them on his face

Finish your beer if:
- You see a dinosaur OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE
- Sam Jackson dresses like a Nazi

Reviews: "I'm definitely pretty drunk and i didn't have to think about it. The movie kept me intrigued and I was interested even though I've seen it before. If TK was a superhero he would be The Spirit because he's obsessed with girls. Based on this experience I would like to try another Grant drinking game."

Have fun kids! Next week: a "Children of Men" drinking game by TK.

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