Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HotDamnTV is back!!

We know that when you're lonely, touching yourself late at night, you're thinking of HotDamnTV and wondering: "Why are there no new videos lol?" The reason we haven't been making new comedy to pleasure you is because some eunuchs stole TK's car a while back, and ALL OF HOTDAMNTV'S GEAR WAS IN HIS TRUNK!
TK was promptly given 40 lashes for leaving over $9000 worth of a/v gear in his trunk in a lousy neighborhood. But don't fret kids, because our property was covered by insurance, and we'll be making new videos in no time!
For the time being, here's some camera-phone fun we had when TK cashed the insurance checks:

Look for a Twilight: New Moon parody trailer coming very soon! <3

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