Saturday, November 14, 2009

More fun with ducats $$$

Kids, you know Lisa, she's the pretty girl that we respected with TK's insurance settlement money. Lisa's little sister Haylie was less than pleased with her big sis' internet fame debut, and Lisa obliged me with a text-by-text:

H: "I'm ashamed of you"
L: *didn't respond cuz I was sleeping*
H: "I saw girl gone wild. gettin with guys for their money... sicko"
L: " "HAHAHAHA girls like money"
H:"at the same time im proud that you're famous on the internet via youtube"
L: "I don't think I'm famous yet... maybe one day"
H: "lol you realize their is a video of you feeling your boobs and having money thrown at you on the internet, right?"
L: "it's mostly a highlight of my life. I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes comedy"

She's a keeper <3 Look forward to a new sketch this week, also the 'Children of Men' drinking game will be posted on the blog on Wednesday AIGHT L8

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