Saturday, August 7, 2010

lol internets

TK writes:
The internet is a strange, strange place. Where else can you find videos of people cutting off their own penises, bestiality, GlassAss, LemonParty, squid vagina, and double rainbows? (Alright, maybe I just watch too much weird porn DON'T JUDGE ME.) Recently, Dan sent me some stats and other information about HotDamnTV's website that makes me wonder if the people who watch my videos are as weird as me...

Fact #1: The countries that we get the most traffic from (besides USA) are China and South Korea. Now, I'm not sure how China even has access to HotDamnTV, since internets are like some kind of controlled substance over there. And I kind of wish it was north instead of south, because we all know North Korea is Best Korea. But I'm glad to have the support of our yellow friends.

Fact #2: Some really weird keywords come up in conjunction with HotDamnTV. Here are some of the more interesting ones:
- "Pain" (The #1 keyword. Possibly because our videos are so bad that they're painful to watch.)
- "22 inch dick" (Possibly because I have a really big cock.)
- "Comic Con" (Possibly because our Comic Con videos are awesome.)
- "Village on fire"
- "I can't fap to this"
- "Lorrie Bartlett and Chuck James ICM" (Megan Fox's agents, lol)
- "Animal rape"
- "Megan Fox hot sex tape"
- "Gymnast ass" (I blame Juliet, Dan's GF.)
- "Sarah McDown porn" (We shot a model for a HotDamnTV video like 2 or 3 years ago and she's getting more and more famous by the second. We don't have any porn of her, sorry.)

That's all I've got for now. Stay tuned, soon I'll post a blog about why being a Girls Gone Wild cameraman isn't nearly as cool as it sounds.

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