Sunday, August 1, 2010

BEHIND THE SCENES - How to Sneak Into Comic Con

Here's a little nugget straight from the Special Edition DVD. Originally TK and I intended to have Dewbacks in the background of every scene, but the technology simply wasn't available at the time. In 20 years we are hoping the art and science of film will have advanced sufficiently, so we can take some of our perfectly good films and add a whole bunch of extra shit in order to make them seem bulky and poorly edited.

We would never just grab the camera and start shooting, that's unprofessional. We had a plan which developed into an outline which then transformed into a script. Like the kind grownups use when they make movies like "Piranha Part Two: The Spawning".

For the back to the drawing board scene we intended to have someone that could draw make us some spiffy blueprint style assault plans, like the ones a certain trademarked Coyote used to use to try to capture/molest a certain trademarked Roadrunner.

Alas, we were on a time crunch to release the video as soon as possible in order for it to stay relevant so we scrapped that plan and just edited what we had.

What you see here is a rough sketch I drew up in order to show Chris Allison what I was envisioning when I said a blueprint (for success).

In other news, check out the latest video: A Father's Legacy, in which certain things are said and majestic hawks are appreciated. (featuring Adam Rebotarro of Almost Porn acclaim)

I dare you to try entering that code when you're on our site (special thanks to Dan for typing the 1s and 0s.)


EDIT: TK writes - I was so inspired by Grant's original artwork that I made a little comic of my own. Featuring Dan Beam as himself.

EDIT: Grant writes - I was so inspired by TK's original artwork that was inspired by my original artwork that I made a little comic of my own. Featuring Grant Paulis as me.

EDIT: Dan writes - I was so inspired by how awesome I am that I posted a little article of my own. It's about what I'm doing at work while Grant and TK draw stupid pictures in MSPaint and browse 4chan alone.

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  1. Yes, this is actually what I'm doing for Yahoo! and you do use MSPaint and browse the tubes all day.

    Get a job, TK,

    <3 Dan

    P.S. Grant's got a job and is gonna ace calculus, he's cool.