Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

It's very important to us here at the hotdamchams to watch everything that is ever put up on youtube. EVER. Ya know, so we know about double rainbows and other wonderful things. Here is today's dose of astonishing, International Edition!

Our first vidya hails from the darkest heart of Germany. I'm not sure what the purpose is but it has something to do with the best fruit snack ever made and interpretative dance. It made me delirious with happiness.

I have a hypothetical situation for you, dear reader. What if HotDamnTV was from Brazil? Stay with me now. What if our talents included the following assets: Having a lazy eye, being nominally good at projectile vomiting (only one member of our crew), and trying to capture the fading glory of the jackass style of lulz vidya making*? You'd get something like this video. Bonus points if you follow their suggested videos until you find the one where they smoke hookah filtered through piss, then they throw up in that, then smoke that. Sheer genius.

Thats all for this week chums!


(*NOTE: Calling it comedy would be like saying a kind word about Bernie Mac, and that just plain isn't happening.)

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