Wednesday, September 1, 2010


TK writes:
In honor of 9-11 we are giving away prizes. So that we may never forget. Click here to maybe get free stuff. Seriously, enter this contest. It will take like 2 seconds and you might get one of these cool beer pong tables. For free. We tried posting this contest a week or so ago but not enough people participated, so we're trying a new method: an appeal to patriotism. If free prizes won't drive you to enter this contest, maybe guilt will. IF YOU DONT ENTER THE CONTEST THE TERRORISTS HAVE WON. WHAT ARE YOU, SOME KIND OF FREEDOM HATER?

In other news, Grant may have accidentally started an amazing Facebook trend: while messing around on facebook at work he changed his profile picture to a pic of Dan, our webmaster. And then everyone started doing it, and Dan Fever has been spreading like wildfire ever since. Feel free to jump on this bandwagon yourself, here's the pic everyone's using.

And while we're on the subject of Dan, lets talk about a new TV pilot that HotDamnTV just got picked up by HDNet. It's called "Lazer Beams", here's a promo trailer:

Thirsty for more asinine videos? Well fret no more, because soon we'll be rolling out a new sketch entitled: "Routine Oil Change". 

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