Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

At the HotDamnTV Institute for Redistribution of Lulz, we are working hard all the time to make sure you see certain things. Most of them are supposed to be funny. When we're not trying to make girls laugh and/or have sex with us, my crew of villains get into some amusing shenanigans. Today's twofer is a double shot of some stuff me and/or pals do when we're not doing stupid stuff.

So this one time I met a pretty girl, on the internet. I know what you're thinking, a girl... on the interwebbys? Unpossible. But I checked, it is definitely possible. That's really a tale for another day. She happened to witness and record for posterity THE GREATEST GAME OF ROCKBAND EVER PLAYED ever, of all time. Special thanks go to our roving reporter/prettiest girl in Tennessee: Sarah.

Being the mayor of Bonita and Coronado affords one unique opportunities. Our 'Dad' was at a Padres game and some 76 owners were being honored and there was an opportunity to throw out the first pitch so of course he said "I'll be your huckleberry," and the rest was history. Put it right in there doctor! Please note that Billy is barefoot, and by throwing out a pitch barefoot he has stepped into the record books as the first person to do so. Wanna dispute that? Too bad, my stats are legit. BONUS: This is the first video fully edited by Grant (me).


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  1. -She came home to find that her mother watched the video, and the only thing she said was "...and...You're dating him?"