Thursday, October 7, 2010

Drinking Game: Robin Hood: Men In Tights

There are few directors who can match the wit and jewey-charm of Mel Brooks. Robin Hood: Men in Tights is easily one of his funniest movies. This hilarious take on the Robin Hood mythos seamlessly blends satire and sight gags with hundreds of pop culture references and even nods to Brooks' own films. It is with the greatest of humility that I present to you this weeks drinking game.

STEP 1: Get a hold of "Robin Hood: Men In Tights" starring Farmboy from The Princess Bride.

STEP 2: ???

Drink when the following are said/heard:
Robin or Locksley (once)
"Robin Hood" or "Robin of Locksley" (twice)
Someone laughs like a MAN.
Triumphant music
Sheriff of Rottingham says shit all backwards. The Sheriff of Rottingham's speech impediment is called a "Spoonerism". (twice)
Mel Brooks movie reference
Musical Number or Rap song

Drink when the following are seen:
An arrow/multiple arrows are fired in the same shot*
Robin stands with his arms akimbo in a heroic pose
Silly visual puns / sight gags**
Blinkin fucks something up based on his severe handicap (ie punches someone, or falls off of a ladder)
Mel Brooks shows up (drink twice)
Mel Brooks Film reference
Pop Culture reference
Characters break the 4th wall***
Prince John's mole moves
Capt. Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise shows up and ravishes a ho.

Finish your beer:
Someone wins an epic stick fight atop a bridge
Mel Brooks references his own movies with dialogue
Someone "walks this way"
Robin uses the "Patriot Arrow" and bullseyes the hell outta the target

*NOTE: I know in the beginning this is a bit silly, but so is the Snake Symbol from Conan! Stick with it you nerd.
**NOTE: Similar to the Epic Capes rule from The Adventures of Robin Hood game, use your own discretion. If you lol its probably what we were talking about.
***NOTE: I feel like we've probably already explained this, but "breaking the 4th wall" is when the character looks directly into the camera and/or talks to the audience.

Final Thoughts:
TK: This one has a good steady pace. Lots of recurring elements, lots of lulz to be had. G: Really the Robin Hood games write themselves. This was a delight to make, a real treat. Mark: I just turned 54 and what is this.