Friday, October 1, 2010

Drinking Game: Stargate

This week's drinking game is not only fun, but informative as well. Not a lot of people know this, but Stargate is actually a nonfiction docu-drama. Dr. Jackson is a real life scientist, but most people know him by his nickname: "Action" Jackson. In real life he is a black man with a menacingly masculine beard.

STEP 1: Get a hold of "Stargate" starring Jack Burton
STEP 2: ???
- Drink when the following are said/heard:
Gate (one)
Star Gate (two) (or if its written, don’t be a bitch)
Egyptian/Shit with no subtitles
Kurt Russel complains about being a fish out of water
Anytime Dr. Jackson sneezes
Stargate theme music

Drink when the following are seen:
Each glyph gets locked in (you know when they're opening the Stargate the first time? it should equal an entire beer)
The eye of Ra
Flying ancient constructs
Whenever one of those nifty Egyptian God helmets open or close (drink half a beer)

Finish your beer:
When that one squishy faced Egyptian fella runs down the ramp and gets exploded
Whenever Dr. Jackson refuses sex with a hot lookin' Egyptian broad.

Final Thoughts:
Sean: MANY slow points. We need about one more thing to make it better. I only drank like 4 beers! I am of the opinion that people are more likely to cry off (quit) because they don’t wanna watch Stargate not because they are drunk. Grant: Agreed. There is something missing to make this a truly epic drinking game. Maybe we’ll just add a rule where you drink (optional) when ever you see sand? Hmm. Also needs moar fargates.



  1. This seems like a very complex way of getting pissed. Why not just have a drink anytime you see someone's butt?

  2. Just put in the DVD, here we go....
    I added the rule: Drink anytime something is discovered.

  3. Cool drinkan game, and I've never seen FarGate before. Maybe I'll get some friends together and do it!

  4. haha sounds fun...i could go for a drink.

  5. Should to this while going on a Stargate SG-1 season marathon. Haaha!