Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

A large chunk HotDamChams is back from a pretty epic road trip so we (me,specifically) figured we'd get back to the regularly scheduled programming and share some vidyas with you that you may not have observed. Unless you have seen them in which case fuck you, watch them again. We like to educate and entertain, so today we're going to be exploring how to do a comedy and use acting to actually produce lols. Roflmaos should only be attempted if you are very comfortable being upside down. One important and often overlooked way to make something funny is to aggregate it. Take as many of the funny things as you have (Fred has 3 apples, and you give him 2 more. How many apples does Fred have?) and put them all together into one vidya.

This was brought to my attention by my pal Al "Uncy V" Villarreal who used to be the most powerful Digital Playground Monitor in all the land (more on that later). Arnold is our Governor in this great state of California and for good reason, because he's been in a movie with Sinbad (remember that not very funny portly black fella? No, not Bernie Mac but I'm still glad he's dead). This mashup really shows off his acting chops.

Speaking of acting chops, this mashup includes the full range of Fred Savage's acting ability. Like a white Sidney Portier this guy. Imagine some Clark Gable style Gone With the Wind shit. Acting so hard Errol Flynn would stop having sex with 14 year olds, that's how much acting. Scratch that, ACTING is the word. Shit is going to be written in a bold typeface. Also Michael "Fuck Yea Explosions" Bay.


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