Thursday, October 7, 2010

Twofer Thursday

TK writes:
Hey kids, Grant forgot to post Twofer Tuesday videos because he was too busy not doing calculus. In lieu of this I have decided to post a Twofer Thursday! The first video in Twofer Thursday comes to us all the way from the bowels of Russia? eastern Europe? All I know is that Zlad! is the best thing to happen to the music industry since Shawn Parker. Enjoy:

OFFBLAST! Clearly, the Cold War is still being fought. Bloggers note: this video is not really from eastern Europe or Russia, it's just made to look like it was. But it's still the most bodacious thing I've ever seen.

Time to crank up the sex factor! This next poast is a Youtube classic, originally hailing from some VHS health video apparently aimed at making either housewives or gay men eat bread:
Name one thing you've ever seen that's sexier than this. I know, you cant! We've been considering doing our own version of this starring Sean (Shady Mechanic) as the bread maker, and TK as the bread.
Well that's all for today. But it's high time we poasted more drinking games, so we vow to post at least one a week from now on, like we originally planned. Otherwise, how can we expect alcoholics like you to keep coming back to our site? Stay tuned for a "Kickass" drinking game soon in honor of "Kickass 2", which as of May is officially greenlighted by Hollywoodland.

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