Saturday, March 26, 2011

Everywhere I look... Juggalos.

I'm a pretty serious juggalo. I've already explained to you just how many ICP T-shirts I own (>150), making me thrice the juggalo you'll ever be. One thing I've come to love during my time with the dark carnival is cheap ghetto fruity frothy soda pop. When I was a young lad in the ghettos of the suburbs of Northern Virginia back in the '00s I used to eat a nacho cheese chalupa and a 2liter of Giant Super G brand Fruit Punch soda every day. That shit tasted like candy, it was awesome.

One of my favorite kinds of sodapop, also much espoused by the Wicked Clowns and their millions and millions of fans is Faygo. Faygo used to be notoriously difficult to find on the Left Coast. Although distributed by the same company the distributes Shasta for some reason the farther from the Motor City you get the rarer it gets. All is not lost though, true habeebers! Whole shipments, nay whole coolers have appeared in the hood near you! Both myself and my pal Snookie (fuck you, he was gripping that way before the bitch from Jersey shore) have both found delicious pop within spitting distance of our respective homes.

Unfortunately some of the best flavors seem to be in absence, but I was assured by a clerk at my store that they had just sold out. I particularly love Redpop, Moon Mist, and Diet Root Beer(because the smell reminds me of live shows).
Fun fact: at Clown shows they throw only Diet Pop because they have found that the lack of legit sugar makes clean up a snap! Except for the fact that there are 200 gallons of Faygo on your venue's floor, lighting, sound system, and mixing booth.
So keep your peepers peeled and your sniffers set to Ultra Sensitive (like my penis tip) and you may just find some deeeelicious Faygo somewhere in your neck of the woods. Faygo, ask for it by name.


tl;dr We found Faygo in stores near us and we're happy about it.

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