Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Twofer Threefer Tuesday

Hey there internets, how're the tubes treating you today? We're pretty psyched here at HotDamnTV because St. Patrick's day is coming soon! Its easily one of my favorite holidays. Grant and Sean are both 50% Irish and Kat MaximimDizzle is something like 120% Irish, if we're going by freckles. I fucking love corned beef and taters and drinking. The only thing I like more than all those things is girls, because ya know they're good at making sammiches.

Troy Duffy's masterpiece The Boondock Saints came out in 1999 and just the act of making it and Duffy's career afterward is quite the story in itself. Duffy was just a guy who loved action movies and one day he sat down and fucking wrote this beautiful film. Here is one of the freshest scenes from that movie where FBI Agent Johnny Utah Paul Smecker is observing the scene of a serious fucking gunfight that the boys just left. Picture related unrelated, its Patrick Duffy.

When I heard a squeakquel was coming out I was really excited. Since TK and I were in LA at the time we saw an advanced limited release screening of it at the Universal City Walk because we're awesome. We snuck in a bottle of whiskey and drank until we were both Irish as fuck (and he's Asian or Pacific Islander so that is quite a stretch). It was everything I hoped it would be and fuck anyone who doesn't think its good. This speech gives me chills every time I hear it and the music is just awesome. Duke Fucking Wayne.

Fucking eh, also here's all the F-bombs from the first film. Feels fucking great. Have you ever seen the deleted scene where the boys call their mother and ask who was born first and they scream "Ma!!" when they think she shot herself? We do that to my mom every year after we're properly sloshed. Happy St. Patrick's day fellas, Sláinte. We're probably going to do something special for it but odds are we'll be too drunk to write or shoot anything. Thanks for comin' out.