Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

Well I didn't write a Twofer last week because I didn't feel like it. I apologize. I feel sort of bad. I've got a whole bunch of stuff piled up but most of it is random and unrelated and those are the hardest to sort out. Feast your visionholes on these friends! Can it be that you don't understand the power of a true twofer?

Have we already talked about Black Swan and how much we like it? Because of the story, and the dancing and the costumes. That's why. Chris is very interested in ballet, being something of a lady himself. We also like Natalie Portman because she can act. What is acting you ask? Its when you act so hard that fluid leaks out of your face, and Queen Amidala sure is good at it. This is a mashup of an awful lot of her acting. Girls cry all the time, but when they do it on camera its ~ACTING~.

You know I love compilations, easily 2% of all Twofers are composed of a long compilation of something or other. This joint right here is a whole pile of people saying No. Mostly we're talking about the long Darth Vadery NOOOOOOOOOoooooooo kinda No, but also in here is some other stuff. We hear No here at HotDamnTV a lot. But really people, doesn't no really mean yes? (It doesn't) Thanks for listening chums! I love you all like Chris loves womens clothing. Wearing it I mean. Including but not limited to womens underwear.


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