Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mother Fxcking Contest?

Hey pals. What's going on? You'd like some shit for free? Wellllll you stumbled onto the right blog toast. That's right chums. To make a long story short we ended up with a few poorly colored photographs of various hotdammers (Grant, Dan, Juliet, and TK specifically), five to be precise, that we are prepared to augnagraph and send to your stupid house along with a bright and sparkly HotDamnTV shark!

I know, you WISH you had one of these fresh sharks. How do you enter to win this contest you ask? It is simple, you just have to click LIKE on facepile on this link on our group's wall. In a month's time we will determine by random lottery who has won the match!

To recap:
  • Free SHARK keychain
  • Autographed pictar of anywhere from 2-4 really cool people
  • I'm going to fart inside of every envelope before I seal it
  • Why haven't you jerks bought any of our T-shirts? Click here now and buy one -_-
Shucks, I'd enter. And by enter I mean your mom. Happy clicking pals! (None of us will ever be famous so these will never be worth any money, but Dan is rich and Juliet is very pretty.) Winners will be notified via facemash message on or around May 6th (never 4get).


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