Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

ITT (In This Twofer) we will do our best to ruin your childhood (and by ruin I don't mean show you hentai of Patty Mayonaise blowing Heffer from Rocko's Modern Life). Or your kid brother's, cuz I know I was deprived as fuck cuz i didn't have Barney to digitally molester me when I was a young'n. I had shit like Bravestarr and Rocklords and Gobots and SilverHawks and Thundercats. Yea, it was rough I tell you.

One thing that every kid had growin up was Sesame Street. Did you know Alice Cooper was on that shit? How bad ass is that. He used to have snakes. That was scary. (TK regularly has sex dreams about Mr. Hooper) I think it would be quite the trick if someone synched up gangster rap with clips of Bert and Ernie, arguably the most awkwardly closeted homosexuals of all time. They need to push those two beds together and get a bottle of Syrah and really have a night of it. Gay sex I mean.

The best part about youtube is that there is a 50% chance if I think up an idea someone has already done the work for me. How neat is that? Not neat when you've spent hours writing a screenplay, hours shooting it, hours editing it, and then you find some dipshit has already done it and done it poorly and has more views than Aaron + Quicksand. I digress. 50 Cent is my favorite gang-affiliated emcee. Here is him singing his hit "Baby".


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