Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wild Week of Weirdos Winds Up in West Hollywood

Bet ya didn't think we could fit that many W's in a title? Well, we did. The Demented Duo known as Twiztid is just wrapping up a week long tour that has stretched from California to Illinois and places in between. Twiztid are label mates with the Insane Clown Posse on Psychopathic Records and have a following as loyal as the clowns do all across this great nation. These two bring their love of horror movie slashers and hard core rap to the stage in a blend that goes down smooth and bold every time. (Like your mom).

Any time you have a couple hundred Juggalos in one place people get a little nervous. From the bouncers working the door line to the half dozen or more squad cars waiting eagerly after the show, everyone was prepared for mayhem. I was very impressed though, as a whole the Juggalos were very well behaved and I didn't see a single fight break out.

The boys from Sik Mob (click on any pic for hi-res version) opened up and although they did a lot to get cheap pops (shouting out Juggalos, etc) they still managed to keep the crowd pretty entertained. Playing a psychopathic gig can be rough if you're not well known, and while these boys are Juggalos themselves they still need to put in the time and win the crowd over their own way. A very solid set, these fellas are definitely something to keep an eyeball and an earhole pointed at.

Next up was Kung Fu Vampire. I've seen this act a number of times with different Psychopathic acts and I'm always impressed. The band includes almost as many people as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club (Band) but depending on the gig they have a varying number of folks on stage. Tonight The Vampire, Razz(Violin and pic on right), Jeremy Pollett(Bass), and Paxton(Drums) were in attendance. Vampire has got a very unique sound bringing a rapid fire delivery reminiscent of other NorCal rappers with that wicked flavor thrown in. Live sets are especially cool because the way it was mixed emphasized the bass and violin more than studio stuff, which made it feel like the sound track from a creepy movie. If I was a clickin' man, I'd check out their website and youtube to learn more. The Juggalos were really feeling The Vampire, especially loving "Grinder" and "iCount". This act has paid their dues and doesn't even have to bother trying to get cheap pops from the crowd, they'll just start chanting "family" at him. Some would consider this the highest form of praise from a very selective and skeptical audience.

With the crowd sufficiently warmed up Axe Murder Boys took the stage. AMB won the 2005 Underground Psychos contest Psychopathic Records put on to become signed to the label. They're a horror core duo from Denver, Colorado who represent the 303 area. They've bounced around from Psychopathic, to their other label HatchetHouse, and now they're working on a new self titled album called The Garcia Brothers (James and Mike respectively). The boys have been touring hard and it shows. Their flows are tight and the duo's stage presence captivated the crowd. The Juggalos all were feeling what the Boys were spitting. A very solid set.

The one and only clock-wearing-zombie-bad-man himself hit the stage next, Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Blaze has been around for a long time, and has released numerous albums that have become required listening material for Juggalos. He has been releasing concept albums under the persona Blaze, Colton Grundy, and Clockwork Gray as well as appearing on other Psychopathic artists' discs. His set was tight and he was on point tonight. Killing the ocean of Juggalos with favorites like "Hood Rat" "Nasty" and his rendition of "Dead Body Man", Blaze turned in a great set that had everyone screaming for more.

Twiztid was set to hit the stage at 11:30, and at about 11:25 they started playing an intro of a mash up of some pop gems that are currently making the rounds. Britney Spears and that Hannah Montana broad, played at a Psychopathic concert? "What the shit..?" Wondered all the Juggalos. Then a needle scratch broke up all that noise and out come Jamie Madrox and The Monoxide Child. The Key Club may have to shut down for renovations, because they blew the roof off of that house.

Twiztid are about a few things: Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, bloody murder, weed, and motherfucking Batman. They performed both of their faces off and had the entire crowd screaming along with them at the top of their lungs. My photographer has Tinnitus despite us feeding her ear plugs. If the crowd's energy level was at an 11 by the time Blaze finished up, it was well over 9,000 when Monoxide and the Multiple Man dropped their mics.

Jamie and Paul went through their entire catalog playing old favorites and brand new stuff no one has ever heard live. Main stays like "Rock The Dead", "Afraid of Me", and "Hydro" were definitely huge hits with the crowd. Here's a few more shots:

We'll be uploading all the shots that didn't make the blog to a flickr or whatever you kids use now a days. Angelfire page? Yea something like that. Extra Special thanks to The Key Club for providing Media Passes and supporting Check out their website, their concert calendar, and their tasty buffalo wings. Bonus points to B-Tans, our roving girl-photographer, and TK for doing science all night long.



  1. fuck amb.

    don't generalize juggalos like that.

    when they come here we flick'em off, boo and throw shit at 'em.

    poser ass wannabes.

  2. Who's we? I don't recall your hard ass doing that in the mosh pit. Tough guy. Its not like they're Boondox.

  3. I dont know about you hollywood fuckers, but here in the mountains we get super fuckin psyched when one of our own comes back to rock the wicked shit. In SLC amb fuckin blew it up. Body in a hole is one of my fav albums, took me a long time to get into em but now i cant stop. MMFWCL to every lo readin this page.

  4. KUNG FU PANDA IS A FAG...NOTHING BUT A JUGGGALO DICK RIDER.. I Have been to 9 different juggalo events and 3 tech events.. im tired of seein that little bitch HE SUCKS ASS that is the shittiest show i have ever sat threw....kittie on the happy daze tour was a better show than any of kung fu pandas perfomances...i traveled 8 hours to see twiztid and BLAM i got to see this fag first....he didnt deserve to go to the GATHERING the past 2 years eitherFUCK JUGGALO DICK RIDERS