Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

Lets get political up in this piece. This being an election year (I think) we need to get educated you guys. How better to understand our mysterious government than to observe the players in their natural environment? We need to listen to some words from some motherfucking senators I think.

This video is old, I know, but just think of the children! What if one of them hasn't seen it yet? Its beautiful. Imagine your Grandma trying to explain the internets to one of her friends over a bridge game complete with all the awkward metaphors that make no sense, the stumbling over words and techno-buzzwords. When Senator Ted Stevens made this speech about Net Neutrality over 9,000 months ago the tubes gobbled it up. It went from meme to legend quicker than the star wars kid or the chocolate rain dude. It has been remixed and lold at so much that I'm pretty sure 85% of ytmnds are about this. To this day I still refer to internets as "tubes" all because of this amazing amazing speech. It just feels so good. Aggressive shout outs and big ups to Vanessa for ghostwriting this link.

Special thanks to my Mommy and Daddy for inadvertently providing me with this link. I was skyping with them and my Mommy asked me to explain what "tubes" were (see first video). I explained to her the whole Senator Ted Stevens thing and how it was a pretty funny video and then my Dad told me a story about how a fellow he used to work with in the Navy (a 4 star general) was being questioned by some Representative about the logistics of moving 1,500 troops to Guam. That all seems like normal politicking and suchlike, but the real gold came when he seriously asked if the island would tip over with the addition of these people. For serious though. So I youtub'sd some keywords and low and behold there is glorious glorious film of it. The best part is that the representative clearly did a bit of research about Guam to figure out how wide the least not so long wide part was but somehow did not understand that Islands are not floating freely but are in fact a part of the earth's mantle. Thanks Mommy and Daddy! <3


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