Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Words Written By A Real Live Girl!

Let’s go back in time, shall we?

Incognito super-spy, hot chick, nerd babe extraordinaire B-Tans was hittin’ LA for a good time. She’s so incognito, you didn’t even know she was on the team! Guess what? SHABAM That just happened.

So back in time, B-Tans went to a concert at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica to hear the bluesy-weirdness of David Lindley seriously, click that bro. Fo real. Gotta respect a man in polyester. Verily I say, it was a long day of cruising and boozing around Santa Monica. But the night was young, and I was early for the concert so I proceeded to venture to a fine establishment for some pre-party libations.

You laugh, but truly – it was quite a rad night. Screaming my drunken head off to the jukebox originated tunes of Bon Jovi I was hailed by a fellow bar patron.

Me: WHooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we’re halfway the—eere

Mysterious dude: SING LOUDER!!!!

Me: WHOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOOOAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LIVIN ON A PRAYERrrrr

At least that ‘s what I thought I was singing. I weigh 110lbs and I had like 5 mixed drinks. Who is this mysterious dude , you might ask. Now I would say it would be the drunken misrememberings of a crazy pint sized woman, but lo; I do have photo to confirm. By the rules of the internets: “Pics or it didn’t happen…” I present to you my drinking buddy:

Peter Dante!

Please try to ignore the evil drunken look on my face, and be instead dazzled by the brightness of his smile and darkness of his tan. (EDITORS NOTE: He's not brown, he's bronze kid.)

The concert was awesome. It’s really freaking hard to find a musician that’s funny and full of energy at that age and talented enough to have played with Jackson Browne, Ben Harper, and Bruce Springsteen (just to name a few). Hangin’ with my man Dante was at least as cool. LA rules!

More girl adventures to come, dear readers.

Though it will be difficult to remain a super-spy now that I’ve gone public…


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