Saturday, May 7, 2011

Drinking Game: Back To The Future I

So everyone loves Back to the Future I. With Libya on everyone's minds (I overthrew my government before it was trendy) and the recent shake down in Japan (I'm going for a joke about Parkinson's and Michael J. Fox wobbling while trying to be insensitive to the Japanese peoples) we felt that it was time to do America a disservice and make a drinking game for the best movie about time traveling since Planet of The Apes.

Step 1: Get a hold of Back To The Future starring Michael James Fox.
Step 2: ???
Drink Whenever the following is said or heard:
Marty McFly (drink twice (tom told me not to put this because its redundant. Fuck him, thats why))
Clock Tower
1985 or 1955
Moderately offensive racial epithets that were okay in the '50s.

Drink Whenever the Following is seen
Anyone drinks
Someone gets into the DeLorean
Pepsi Free

Finish Your Drink When:
The title of the film is said (Back To The Future (lol))
Marty makes out with his mom

Final Thoughts:
TK: This is one of those good movies where just a few rules keep a consistent pace. You will get drunk, not as drunk as the Conan drinking game, but you'll be close. GIRL: Hi. GRANT: I was impress, I feel like maybe we should add a rule where you have to wobble whenever Michael Jerry Fox is on screen on account of the Parkinson's. That's why.


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