Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Everywhere I look... Juggalos.

So there I was, mild mannered as hell, driving into work listening to Kevin and Beam on the World Famous KROQ. Surrounded on all sides by traffic that had no discernible cause, I heard them do a segment called Bean's Death Corner where they talk about someone who died in an interesting/wacky/rapey way. None of the stories were terribly extraordinary so I just filed them away under N for Neat and resolved to steal some of their content by going through their internets vidya of the day instead of doing work for a Twofer.

To my surprise I got home and found that one of the stories is incidentally about a Juggalo! Observe:

An obvious probable UK Ninja, observe the Dark Lotus Tee. Also I'm pretty impressed that girl managed to Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique that rather slight looking fella, props on the crit. That's all for now buds!


BONUS: Our lovely/talented girldrink of a promotions gal is working hard on some pretty exciting stuff! We're gonna play this one close to the chest like Commissioner Gordon from Dark Knight for a while though.

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