Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

This is an extra special twofer because its about one thing. Things girls have shown us. I know what you're thinking, bosoms bottoms and feets right? The REAL sexy stuff. Surely being associated with HotDamnTV not only makes girls wetter than Thailand during the monsoon season but also makes them want to get their bodices ripped and their bodies rubbed by us. I'm just kidding, all we're really talking about here is videos a girl (B-Tans) brought to our attention :3

I think we can all agree that Ke$ha is the Mozart of our generation. Don't let the fact that she looks and sounds like that drunk girl at the party that thinks every song is about her throw you off, she's a real gem. By gem I don't mean a lowpro pants-suit wearing broad by day and legit big haired rocker chick by night and I guess mystery solving too or something. Someone spent an awful lot of time making this video, and it is funny as balls. It syncs up so well because Star Trek is from the future, and at that point there is all manner of world peace and stuff. Kinda like in Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure, only its Ke$ha not the Wyld Stallions that are to blame. We owe you a great debt Ke-dollarsign-ha, thank you and god bless.

I can't believe this has been around since June 2007 and not only have I never seen it, but it only has about a million views. This is some great stuff. Whenever you apply the concept of real life to characters in movies or video games the result is often full of win, this sketch is no exception. The guys that do the voices for all the robots are spot on and it makes this that much funnier. Brandy was able to make us laugh with her using girl-science and certain other things. HotDamnTV can take a lesson from her (less fart jokes?). Aggressive big ups and shout outs to her for ghostwriting this (why didn't I just make her write it..?).


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