Monday, May 9, 2011

Congratulations! A winner is you.

Excellent work chums. Although many (could have) entered few all won. You may recall that I posted a link on the hotdams facepile page for a contest where the rules were simple, and the entry method was even easier (just like.. in honor of Mother's day we're just gonna let that one slide) all you had to do was click Like on the facetubepile. Although not all of our contests are failures, it just seems that people HATE free stuff. Especially really fresh free stuff like pictures of my grille and motherfucking shark key chains.

The following people will be contacted via facebox-massage and sent their loot when I get everyone to sign the photos and get around to mailing it. Congratulations to all who entered and a fat heap of dicks to everyone who didnt!


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