Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everywhere I look... Juggalos.

Michael Moore is easily one of the biggest trolls on the face of this planet. He spends his days bothering poor secretaries and making people at the bottom end of the totem pole that is a giant corporation feel as uncomfortable as possible. Its one thing to "take on" the big guys and try to win one for us poor huddled masses but the only thing that separates Michael Moore from Sasha Baron Cohen is a lot of pseudo-intellectual voice overs and 80% less dick jokes. Don't get me wrong though, I love a good troll as much as the next guy.

One of Moore's most recognizable "films" (yea that's in quotations, infer what you will) is Bowling For Soup Bowling for Columbine. Set minutes after the infamous Columbine Massacre in which some sissies who weren't football team decided to play Duke Nukem 3D with their entire school (without telling them) we find Michael Moore exploiting some very nice gunshot victims to further his sensationalist agenda. The best part of this film comes when they start trolling K-Mart for selling bullets. I'm allergic to peanuts, I think we should troll Indian restaurants and demand they remove all peanuts from their delicious Caviar Vindaloos. Seems about right. Anyway you happen to see this fella on screen helping a dude that can't move around so good on account of all of the pew pew pew he absorbed from Msrs. Klebold and/or Harris:

Yup, as plain as the nose on your face that guy's got on a Juggalo Baseball Jersey. Which is neat. The neatness is compounded by the fact that I incidentally own the same jersey. I picked it up at a clown show back in the day when they did the Bizzar/Bizaar Tour. Because I'm dumb I wore it during the show and it is now covered in Faygo and Clown Paint (crowd surfing is a spectator sport).
PROTIP: When going to a Clown Show if you want the merch you buy not to get fucked up come equipped with an empty trash bag and a backpack.
30% Credit goes to Sarah (Prettiest Girl In Tennessee) for reminding me about this. Here's a couple more shots:

Moore demanding an All You Can Eat Buffet

"Who is going Chicken Hunting?", Inquired the youth

Moore becomes outraged that they only included 4 dipping sauces for his chicky nuggies.


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