Friday, December 17, 2010

An Attempt to Derive... Humor

Yes, it is true. At long last after 4 years, 3 different text books, 8 different professors, and Raptor Jesus only knows how many dollars in tuition I've done it. I have passed calculus. With a C. You may recall dear reader, that last time I took it (#9) there was all manner of cash and prizes on the table. This time since just about everyone has lost faith in my ability to pass calculus the only big money cash prizes available are as follows:

  • Dan's mommy is going to build me a cake

For more information see screen shot at the top.

  • 1 Beer with (fake)Uncle Ronnie.

Uncle Ronnie doesn't drink. At all. So this is a big deal (first time in the history of HotDamnTV that something was actually a big deal). I plan on pearl harboring him with one of those $100.00 5 liter Stone Brewery beers they sell. Fuck yea.

  • 1 Keg from Dan Beam

My brother and I used to have a kegerator. We found an epic deal on craigslist and went halves on it. Then he moved out like a legit member of the homosexual community and took the kegerator with him. But he left his refridgerator so I bought a kegerator kit and I've been waiting until I'm done with calculus to rip his fridge apart. Take that fatboy.

My face when I finally passed Calculus:


Bonus: Now I have to take Calculus 2. : 3

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