Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

Here at HotDamnTV we love the gays. They're just so fancy and they put up with us breeders doing our hetero thing all the time, so we salute them. Despite what some sources may claim, only Chris Madero is actually a homosex; no one else associated with HotDamnTV is actually putting from the rough. But what if we take a moment to think about what it would be like if we were gay? Sean would have to take more showers and I guess TK would get all the boys because he's the prettiest. Tim Romo has an excellent farmer's tan, even in the dead of winter. Alex is so fit I guess none of it really matters. Dan would still be our webmaster, only the website would probably look like this all the time. Aaron would probably have to grow his beardly beard back. Juliet would kiss girls and that shit would be sexy as hell.

Now if I was gay I wouldn't just put product in my hair or wear more Diesel clothing than a upper middle class mexican kid in high school, I'd do it all the way. This song accurately describes just how gay I'd have to be to be as gay as possible. I watched this song 6 times in a row. One time I wrote 6 blogs in a row. TK is also a fan of stacking them up like bricks.

One might wonder how to become gay? Simply sucking 6 dicks is not the way to do it dudes, you would simply have to call "no homo!" to render any amount of homosexuality null and void. The ancient Greeks and Romans used to call no homo all the time, its not a big deal. The only sure way that I can think of to become one of the gays is to watch this video. After you sit through all 2:20 of this moderately catchy song then you can meet me at the ice cream truck, cuz we will both have successfully caught the gay.


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  1. Can gay also be infectious via bodily fluids like in the 28 (Insert length of time measurement) Later series?