Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hey there buds. On my quest to become the most best worst not never do the least failed actor of all time ever I was in Hollywood last night for an audition for a Jack in the Box commercial.

Before I could go to the audition my boss (Laura Hubbard) who is the closest thing I have to an agent at the moment (I'm looking at you E.) insisted that I get the grade from my latest calculus test. She put it all on the line (I need to discipline my body) and said that if I didn't pass then I couldn't go! The following is a transcript of the email correspondences with my professor.

When I got there I hung out for a bit and then was asked to read for several different parts, not just the one I got a call for. I read for and it went pretty well. I showcased my incredible talent (I can raise both eyebrows independently) and I even put my improv skills to the test by using acting to make Jack, of Jack in the Box fame feel bad for eating the last 100% sirloin pepperjack whateverthehell burger. I improved like a groundling, NOT A BIG DEAL people. Then I rounded out the interview by handing the casting directors and anyone else I met a shark. : 3 We'll see how well that goes. Cross some fingers and break some legs guys, HotDamnTV needs more famous.


BONUS: Holy fuck don't move. First thing you gotta fucking do is DO NOT MOVE. Our amigos over at have debuted some BRAND NEW SHIT so fresh it'll make your mama's garden full of tomatoes look like its some busted old shit out of a can (ask your mom about the time I tilled her field) make sure to head over to their interbutts and/or observe the shit outa this new short:

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