Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

No you silly kittencat, its Tuesday. Many cats (at time of writing 3.5 cats surveyed) believe that every day is Caturday, but they are mistaken. That doesn't stop this week's Twofer from being all about our 4 legged companions that are good for not much more than making you look really stupid if you try to teach them to roll over (play dead is a gimme, no problem). Submitted for the approval of the midnight society, I call these videos:
The Tale of Some Bad Ass Kittencats

Quite often when you find a Street Fight (Raul Julia's greatest dramatic role, fuck you) on youtubs its a few high school kids tusseling around on the ground showing little to no form or grace. This vidya is exactly the opposite, and also possibly a commentary on race relations (Those Skewbald Cats are always so stingy with money, and have you seen them drive? Don't get me started). Bonus: Its all set to pretty epic Predator Music.

Now If I was a Kittencat (ie something that DGAFs harder than Batman) I wouldn't start shit with an Alligator. I'd finish it. That is exactly what this Kittencat (I have it on good authority that his name is Persimmon) does. First he stares the Gator down harder than a Chicano fella driving in his car, next he boops the gator on the nose with such authority you'd think his name was god damned Jonah Hill. This is a pretty serious vidya. Fuck yea, Caturday.

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