Saturday, February 5, 2011

Drinking Game: Swat

Recently TK and I had the dubious pleasure of attending a white girl's birthday party. Luckily we don't pass judgment or hand out reviews about parties we've attended, but that's neither here nor there. What is important is that TK and I played this brilliant game for the first time, a game of Swat.

Step 1 Get a hold of some beer
Step 2 You're gonna need some Red Cups and at least 2 ping pong balls
Step 3 ???

Ok now this is going to seem a bit tricky, but let me try to break it down. First arrange a bunch of cups in a circle on a table. Anywhere from 12 and more is fine. Two start, any two players. You both grab a cup and chug the beer. Put the beer down on the table and bounce the ping pong ball into it. If you make it on the first try you can pass that empty cup along to anyone you want. If you don't make it first try then the empty cup must move down to the person to your left. The swatting and additional drinking comes when you make a cup. You can only swat the cup (smack it off the table, hopefully into someone's face) of the person to the left of you. By swatting the cup they are forced to pound another beer and continue trying to make it into that empty cup. It seems a bit counter intuitive, so lets go to the tale of the tape and do a quick breakdown of a sample game.

Initial setup. Any two players may start, I just happened to pick 2 right next to each other. We can call the rainbow flavored one TK if you guys want.

The two players drink all of the beer in the cups. Drink drink drink. Then set the cups down.

The players try their best, but they're only men and men have to learn to take it. The clearly homosexual circle is great at handling balls (the circle's name is TK) and made it in first try! Oh that's so fancy. Because he made it in he can now swat the blue and probably not gay circle's cup (we can call this one Grant).

Booyakasha whiteboy! Hear me now. This game is best played at someone else's house because as you can well imagine hucking mostly empty cups across your shitty apartment will fuck up your already crappy carpet.

Now this is where the action and adventure starts. After the rainbow fella swats Grant's cup he hands his empty cup it to the guy to the left of the blue guy who is probably really good at sex (Grant). Grant has just finished chugging another beer and is trying to make the ball into his cup. But hold~ the guy to Grant's left makes it in first try! Holy shitdicks that means he can give the cup to whomever he pleases.

The cup is handed back to the overtly homosex circle and he attempts to make it into the cup again, in order to fuck grant over. HOLY SHIT HE MADE IT IN AGAIN OMG GRANT HAS A STUPID FACE

Motherloving ~SWAT~. Oleoloeloleoleoleole. Get out the vuvuzelas because this shit is starting to get annoying! Grant sucks and has to grab another cup since his shit got swatted.

In the interest of science we'll continue with just a bit more example. The cup is again handed over to the guy to the left of poor Grant, who is still trying desperately to get his ball into the cup. The guy to the left of Grant does not make it on the first try, but he does on the 3rd. His empty cup and ball are now handed down to the person to his immediate left.

So now this hitherto unmentioned circle at the top right of the radio dial gets his shot at the big leagues.

So that's a basic rundown of how the game works. Just remember that you can only swat the cup to your left and you can only place it anywhere on the field of play if you make it first try. If you don't make the cup first try, the cup and ball move to the person to your left. If there's a dude or bro to your left already fucking with a cup then skip him. The game ends when you're out of beer, and by ends I mean you need to refill it and keep playing. I'm not sure if there is a clear winner, but if you force one guy to drink like 9 cups then he's almost an hero.

If you have any questions feel free to comment, and there's a good chance we wont answer. Fat props to the white girl that taught us this game. Since I can't remember her name I won't give her any credit.


I think the girl's name is Valerie or Vickie or Veronica or something. TK had sex with her.


  1. Out of all the drinking games I played, I never heard of this. And it looks way cool! :)

  2. Feels pretty good. Tell your pals to try it.