Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

No, there is not a pattern forming here. Yes I am just happening upon compilations of overused phrases in films. Yea I guess it feels pretty good. The only problem is trying to write a few introductory sentences about the same topic again and again and again. I suppose I could just ramble on until it looks like theres enough words. I'm pretty excited about these vidyas, I think you will be too. I showed it to my man here, he liked it. (Cornflower Blue)

There really isn't a more eloquent way to inform someone else of an impending explosion. Short of the phrase "Dude, no seriously there is a bomb." Never was a more concise nor precise sentence spoken. Literally it tells you exactly what is going to happen, and what it is going to happen to. Its no cellar door, but it has a certain kind of appeal in its own right.

This feel good romp through cinema history uses the most colorful expression in the English language.
"You look like shit."
Its got a nice ring to it. It allows you to essentially insult someone, but through its proliferation in American movie script dialog it has some how become acceptable. That gets me thinking, maybe we should start saying "I fucked your dad twice.". If we say it enough people won't care and it'll become just another shining gem in the English lexicon of borderline inappropriate phrases. Feels pretty good man.

EDIT: Also what the shit I wrote this in google chrome and it truncated the doublespaces between sentences down to one...


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