Monday, February 14, 2011

Everywhere I look.. Juggalos

Back again with another quick installment of EILJ for your non-interested asses! I was going to include this in my first toast but unfortunately I did not have a copy of the movie, so I didn't, so I apologize. I get pretty geeked whenever I see juggalo shit show up in mainstream films or on TV. Shucks, you would have to try pretty hard to not notice Hatchetman signs in the crowd whenever WWF has a show on.

Anyway, Be Cool (2005) is the sequel to Get Shorty (1995). The first one was about gangsters doing gangster shit in the movie industry. The second one is all about gangsters doing gangster shit in the music biz. They're pretty good movies. One scene is set in a record company's office and while the camera is tracking the actors you can see this shit in the background. This is something ICP actually sold for a brief time on their web store, as I recall it cost more 100 bucks because of the inconvenience of shipping a 6 foot tall posse of clowns. It was a cardboard standup to promote The Wraith: Shangri La, allegedly sent to record stores as well but I'm sure juggalos who observed them either stole 'em or slipped the nerd behind the counter a few bills and then made off with it.

Still in the same scene the camera pans a bit more and you can catch a glimpse of this in the background on the wall of another office. This is a poster for ICP's 4th Joker Card "The Great Milenko" arguably one of ICPs most well known album because at least two bitches I went to high school with borrowed it and never gave it back. Fuck, I think I've bought like 4 copies of it. I've actually got this poster too, its pretty fresh. I recall reading an interview with ICP and they asked about all of their shit showing up in this movie and some set dresser was some kind of juggalo and put all that stuff around to try to make the office look like it was a legit record label. Because I'm lazy I can't be bothered to google this or try to find a source to cite, but I'm fairly certain I didnt make this up.

Can you kids think of any other movies with juggalo shit in it? Feel free to toast in the comment section and you will receive wealth beyond your wildest dreams. By wealth I mean absolutely nothing.


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