Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

Hey now chaps and chappesses. You're in for a real teat treat today. If I had to describe this weeks twofer in terms the restaurant industry would find acceptable I would have to call the first one a delicious yet filling meal and the second one an all you can eat buffet (only from Hometown Buffet so its eerily reminiscent of the hot lunches you used to eat in grade school and just as awful).

I fucking love the internets. I fucking love dreadful Bollywood films. Sean and I got his Netflix queue to think we were some kind of Bollywood Maniacs. We got turned on to this awesome series starring a dude named Munna Bhai, I'm not sure if that is his character's name or the actor because I don't speak salami salami bologna. One film has him masquerading as a doctor just to trick his parents into thinking he has a job and he's got like this entire gang of Indian (dot) fellas helping him keep up the charade. Anyway, this is also from India. Apparently in India you can just rip off a trademarked character, have him prance around with some broad dressed up like Spiderman and sing some dreadful Indian muzaq. The actor in this film must be like the Indian Robert Redford. Shit appears serious.

I can't take full credit for this bright and shiny corner of the universe. Technically i read about it on i09 under the title "And now, nine minutes of Japanese Spider-Man posing fiercely". That pretty much says it all. Literally someone cut up the entire Japanese live action Spider-Man show from the '70s into just him posing before doing battle with transvestite Japanese super villains and random baddies that look an awful lot like the puddy patrol from The Power Rangers. Yes, I watched all of it. Yes its 9 minutes of exactly what it says it will be. Yes, I'm comfortable with that.

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