Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

Hail adventurers! This week's twofer is a grab bag of videos sent in by kids just like you, or videos that I simply stole from your facemash feed. Remember, if you have a suggestion for a video you want me to type words underneath of and want to get a shout out on the blog email grant@hotdamntv.com or post on the facebook group wall, or leave a comment, or fuck you.

This first vidya comes from Mr. Alex Wolf. Speculation has it that he is the fittest member of the HotDamCham play actors. He has routinely picked small girls up over his head, eaten 2 pounds of beef in one sitting, and has been billed as "The World's Angriest Man". He sent me what can only be described as the most bodacious pyramid scheme infomercial to grace the air waves. This Korean fella that probably battled my Grandpa in World War I has found some kind of secret (sauce) to making foxy babes straight drip off of him. If Tom Vu can do it, you can probably send him money for like 6 VHS tapes of him fucking your dad and pooping on an American flag. Props to Alex Woof for sending this one in.

This next pretty polly I plucked off of TK's newsfeed. He had toasted it on our webmaster's wall. Dan is into PC using. People send him shit that is relevant to that. I'm into ICP, so people constantly send me links to that Juggalo News thing from a few months ago. I guess keep doing it, or whatever. This video shows literally every instance of google's CEO saying certain things. Its kind of funny. Fuck you, it isn't easy coming up with original comment all the darn time! Props to TK and Dan. Big ups.


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