Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

I was just thinking. American dudes are kinda into Asians. What do you think they call American Porn over in Japan? Is it a thing like it is here? My brother owns a DVD called Soybusters 9: ALL Oriental Teens there might be a gangbang in the title somewhere too. This is great for several reasons. One because it says Soybuster. What does that mean? Is it gluten free? The second is because it says "oriental" which is a flavor as far as I know, not a race. That is racist. This week's twofer takes us to the bright yellow heart of the West Indies: Japan.

In Japan they have girls with breasts on the front of their bodies. But some girls seem concerned that their bust is not quite up to snuff. Enter Japanese Super Science with.. something? I'm not sure if this thing just wobbles the titties or electrocutes them or what but I think I approve. Now as far as the outlandish claims that tiny breasted japanese girls go from a size 14 year old boy to buxom beauty quicker than a furry getting raped by a few tentacles, I can't really comment. But it all seems eerily legit.

People have been making movies for something like 4,000 years. The earliest known movie is called "Birth of a Nation" and was shot in 4500 BC on film made from fern leaves and sticks and shit. Fast forward to the misty shores of Japan's fijords and you can see just how far we've come. I can't imagine how many millions of Yen the camera they shot this on cost but again I come to the startling conclusion: SEEMS LEGIT.


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