Friday, January 28, 2011


Here at HotDamnTV we put the MEN in entertainment. Every Friday we're going to be bringing you a nugget of delicious Hollywood or entertainment news. A delicious chicken nugget. The 99c spicy chicken nuggets at Wendys are a delight. PRO TIP: Ask for the Chipotle Ranch sauce to dip them in. Depending on how cripplingly chicano the teller is he may or may not say they don't have it, but they do. Its in the salad dressing packet which can make for some tricky driving and eating.

From "Dark Knight" to "Dark Tower?" Fresh off his Golden Globe win for the "The Fighter," sources say Christian Bale has pulled ahead of Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen as Ron Howard and
Stephen King's choice for "Tower" main character, gunslinger Roland Deschain. We previously reported that Howard's adaptation of King's books has set off a casting frenzy, w
ith agents battling to land their clients roles in what promises to be a blockbuster franchise. A source said "Dexter" star Jennifer Carpenter is rising on the short list for the role of Susannah, as is French/Moroccan Ghita Tazi. - New York Post
This is very exciting news, if it do ya. Say thank you. Sometimes Hollywood remembers the face of its father and shit gets very neat. Little Stevie King is no stranger to the big screen, a huge chunk of his work has been turned into film. There is even a nod to Dark Tower fans in the 2007 film "The Mist".
As a faithful reader who kind of cheated (read: started reading The Dark Tower series after all the books had been written) I am very excited to see this series finally come to the silver screen. Also it would make my day to play a role in this film, so in case any high powered hollywood types stumble across our blog I will act my face off for this movie. A girl Tom had sex with one time also thinks she could play Susannah (the young hot one from Wizard and Glass) so Tom should get a role in this film too. That's all for this week chaps.

BONUS: A note from Stephen King!

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