Friday, January 21, 2011

Not A Big Deal

In which we discuss certain things that seem like a big deal, but in fact are not.


A tale of HotDamn players and their interactions with famous folks

I've written several blogs about my continued success at failing, specifically at acting towards a camera and getting paid for it. I landed a gig a few months ago working on a shoot for 3OH!3's hot new jambox "Touchin' On My". Please note that this was not for pay, but it was one of the first actual acting gigs I've landed in years (hos don't know all about my 500+ audition fails). I wasn't sure what they were going to use me for and neither was the crew I hung out with (PRO TIP: you can always tell if a person is a part of the crew by their black v-neck really tight American Apparel t-shirt).

(I'm in the thumbnail for the video)I took the day off work and battled traffic like an hero to get to Los Angeles, and then hung out at a park watching the crew shoot there for like 5 hours. There was lots of down time for the artists (Sean and Nat of 3OH!3) and I was the only grown up there so we spoke a bit. Nat is a giant mother fucker, something like 6'7'' and I talked with Sean about being a me being a juggalo. I was pretty impressed when he told me they listened to The Great Milenko like the entire ride over. Finally it came time to use me in a shot and we did like 6 takes of me beating up 10 year olds.

Fast forward to today and I happen to check the 3OH!3 website and there is the video I'm in. Its not a big deal because EVERYONE in the video except for Nat and Sean have their faces mosaic'd out. For maximum Grant start watching at about 1:30. So I'm famous but I acted so hard they had to blur out my face for fear of having to pay the Screen Actors Guild. On account of the acting.

BONUS: You may be excited to know that Nat was a cool enough guy to do a quick review of our internets!


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