Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twofer Tuesday

Hey there internet buddies. How goes it? Welly well well I trust. Today's twofer is all about hands. You're probably wondering who the moderately creepy fella on the right is. His name is Mr. Hands and it may shock you to know that there is a good chance you've seen him before in the popular shock video "2 Guys 1 Horse" (NSFW even a little bit, unless you work in a kiddy porn dungeon) which in a round about way is responsible for Washington putting a law on the books outlawing schtupping animals (SFW link is the state law about it). Which to me seems like a no brainer, since there is nothing sexy about livestock. Mr. Hands ended up in the hospital and he died of acute peritonitis due to perforation of the colon. The whole story is kinda funny, since he was like a legit engineer for Boeing with top clearance and stuff. The thing to take away is that hands are funny.

This gem comes from our good pal Aaron (of international roulette and really epic beard fame). When Aaron is not being paid to drink expired liquor at bevmo he's hanging out with us and telling us to look at funny internets videos, like this one. I tried to find the song that this choreography is from but all that comes up is an Afrika Bambaataa song. This is solid gold though, I can only imagine that Darrin's Dance Grooves is almost as funny.

I'm pretty sure TK posted this on his facemash a few days ago. This video is so amazing I don't know where to begin. The lady is so fucking conceited it makes me look like Mel Gibson from the 1993 jaunt "The Man Without A Face" (where Mel bravely obscures his matinee-idol looks to really stretch his acting and directing muscles, located somewhere underneath the trapezius muscles). She makes me want to hit her hand with a tack hammer and then punch her in the face. I dare you to watch this movie for more than 10 seconds without coming to the realization that she is the worst human on the face of the planet. NIGHTMARE MODE: The whole thing. Hands are funny.


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