Saturday, January 8, 2011

Drinking Game: Planet Earth

Ahhh Planet Earth. Boris Lvovich Rosing (Russian: Бори́с Льво́вич Ро́зинг) transmitted the first TV signal in 1907. Who would have thought that more than a century later a nature film finally comes along that is truly fucking epic. And features Polar Bears in at least one episode. Planet Earth is truly a wondrous achievement of mankind so I figure we can probably trash the whole thing now that we at least got it set down for posterity. To celebrate this cinematic triumph of knowledge and understanding, how could we at HotDamnTV NOT get shitfaced? (Richard Attenborugh Voice) This is... Planet Earth!

Setp 1: Get a hold of Planet Earth (Blu Ray). Yes the whole fucking series its not that much.
Step 2: ???

Drink Whenever the following is seen:
Wide Angle shot of the planet
Baby Animal
Slow Motion or Time Lapse (Waterfall for duration )
Something Is Eaten
Mating is clearly about to happen/ courtship/ mating is inferred

Drink Whenever the following is heard or said:
Worlds Largest
CLEARLY Visible From Space
Compare size of something that is not a country to a country
Any time a number is said

Finish your beer:
When a young animal is going to die/ something tragic happens. You heartless bastards you could have saved that polar bear with just one cheeseburger!
What you thought was something else/something pretty turns out to be shit. Literally. Acres of shit.
British Gross Mispronunciation of an otherwise proper and godfearing word. Ex. Glacier(Glassyear) Puma (Pyuumah)

-Ghostwritten by Grant

BONUS: And now for something completely different:

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